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Common Council Member Pridgen has a comprehensive plan of ways to reduce unemployment, restore trust in city government through transparency and improve the quality of life in Ellicott District.


  • Hold monthly meetings where stakeholders and
    residents may generate ideas, make recommendations and advise Council Member of areas that need attention

  • Establish teams to continually work on projects within the district

  • Maintain an interactive website where residents may voice concerns, learn what Council Member is working on and monitor progress in the district


  • Transparent district leadership

  • Use social media to keep residents informed


  • Support job training programs for emerging careers such as green construction, biotech and medical research

  • Bring new businesses to the Ellicott District

  • Connect businesses to residents who have participated in job training programs

  • Ensure residents are aware of job opportunities that UB 2020 will offer

Exciting and Eclectic:

[Eclectic: not following any one system, as of philosophy but selecting and using what are considered the best elements of all systems. Dictionary.com]

  • Support the advancement of the Michigan Street African American Historical Corridor

  • Bring exciting and eclectic family entertainment

  • Create unity in the community through


  • Create clear goals allowing residents to measure results and progress in the Ellicott District


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