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September 6, 2012, On Queue with Darius Pridgen
The interview includes Councilman Pridgen's comments on the convention and Obama-Biden campaign, as well as issues critical to Buffalo and the nation.

Ellicott District Council Member, Rev. Darius Pridgen addresses the systemic dysfunction of the Buffalo Public schools at the DPCC Stakeholders meeting on May 3, 2011 at Performing Arts HS in Buffalo, NY.

The purpose of the meeting was to allow Superintendent Williams to explain what he meant when he said that the public school system is structurally set up to fail Buffalo's students. Each elected official was asked to respond to Williams claim and if they believe that the system is structurally designed to persistently fail Buffalo's children.

Ellicott District Stakeholders Recap with Council Member Darius Pridgen from the Olivencia Center covering the Sale of School 36, The Jesse Clipper Monument, Michigan Street Corridor, and Playground Improvements.

Council Member Darius Pridgen makes his second Ellicott District Stakeholders Address March 7th, 2011. Topics Covered Include: Club Safety, Neigborhood Collaboration, Government Transparency, Towne…
Ellicott District Stakeholders Meeting

Ellicott District Stakeholders address from Council Member Darius G. Pridgen, January 24th, 2011 at Friendship Baptist Church.


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